METAFLORIST's digital bouquet will be NFT-encoded and sent as a digital bouquet movie with your message.

STEP1Download the AMFC WALLET app


In order to receive the digital bouquet, you will need to create a METAFLORIST wallet. Click the digital bouquet receiving URL in the email to launch the app store. Download the AMFC WALLET app from the store screen. *Digital bouquet can only be received on a smartphone, using the AMFC WALLET app for iOS and Android. *If you already have a AMFC WALLET app, you can get it by simply clicking on the digital bouquet receiving URL.

STEP2Create your own wallet


Open the downloaded AMFC WALLET app and follow the on-screen instructions to create a digital bouquet wallet.

STEP3Receive a digital bouquet


Once you have created your wallet, click the same URL again to receive a NFT-encoded digital bouquet movie. The digital bouquet movie you receive is stored in the wallet.

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